Southern Rhône Mountain Wines

My wines are “mountain” wines, benefiting from slightly lower temperatures at an altitude of 300 meters and higher. The grapes’ growing and ripening process here in the hills takes place a little later, and can last a little longer, than down in the valley.

This privileged situation allows me to craft wines that highlight the natural opulence and succulence of southern grapes while preserving more freshness and balance overall.

Each bottle offers an invitation to explore these northern hills, perfumed with wild rosemary and thyme, freshened by the cooling Mistral winds — a uniquely mountainous, yet also Mediterranean, experience.

Ventoux Rouge

Martinelle is both the name of my first vineyard and my winery. It also represents what’s most important to me as a winemaker – to create a wine that provides pleasure while telling an interesting story about the land.

It is an invitation to explore these northern Provençal hills, amid the scents of lavender and thyme, in good company.

A blend of Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre and Counoise.

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Ventoux Blanc

In the Martinelle vineyard, my Clairette vines (planted in 2007 and 2013) grow at altitude, facing east, on limestone soils.

For this late-ripening, native southern grape, a chance to reach its full potential…as a single-varietal wine.

Mediterranean-inspired freshness, ripe fruit, herbal notes and balanced alcohol – this is a true southern white wine!

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Beaumes de Venise

This small-production cru wine comes from vines grown in a natural oasis of olive and pine trees, spiced with the aromas of wild thyme and rosemary.

The ruddy, iron-rich soils at this special site are unique not only in the appellation but in the Rhône Valley.

A blend of Grenache and Syrah.

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Vin de France

My chance to “color outside the lines” of the appellation system and a tribute to the vibrant character of southern grapes and their endless potential.

Just as Champagne houses craft vintage wines only in the best years, I craft a Vin de Table when the vintage offers me a chance to make something truly special.

A bottle that best shows its character after time in the cellar.

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