Welcome to Martinelle!

Thank you for your interest in what has inspired me from a very young age: the wonderful world of vine growing and winemaking. And of course, enjoying and sharing interesting wines with passionate people.

Already as a child, I was fascinated by the sensual universe of smell and taste. I told my parents early on that I wanted to become a gardener – and what is a winemaker, if not first a grower of vines?

My path started in Germany, working at various domains before I decided to explore red wines in earnest in southern France. With wine school, internships and many discussions with winemakers, I was ready for the next step. about

In 2002, I purchased the vineyards that would become the heart of my estate in the southern Rhône Valley.

After a rough start – losing two complete vintages – I slowly built up the estate, selling some vineyards and buying new ones, and completing the construction of a cellar, carved into a rocky hillside outside the small hamlet of Lafare. Certain vineyards were replanted, and new, yet traditional, Mediterranean grape varieties introduced. The estate received official organic certification in 2015.

Martinelle wines should reflect the vintage and the land, with flavors that show the power and richness of local grape varieties in harmony with a southern definition of freshness and elegance of which they are inherently capable.

There is not one true way to make wine. For me, it has always been a question of finding balance – a fluid goal that requires regular, careful observation both in the fields and cellar. Nature communicates, and it is our responsibility to listen.

And after all the work is done, wine is to be opened and enjoyed! Martinelle is my way of expressing this essential joie de vivre, with wine the inspiration for bringing people together – a truth I learned as a child from my parents and have carried with me ever since.

–Corinna Faravel